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When You Work At Home

Working from home is – I think – a true blessing.

I usually get up not too early and not too late. Just when I think I had a good night’s sleep and I am ready to start the day. This is one of the daily luxuries one can afford when being self-employed or working with a company, that allows distance work. Or simply do online work. Like me.

One thing is though very important when you decide to create a work space of your own. You have to separate it from other areas of you home, otherwise there will always be something to distract you from what you’re supposed to focus on. Mind you, I am talking about myself here. Every now and then, I like to go and check out what else is left in the fridge. Or I need another dose of coffee. Or it strikes me, that there is no dinner for that day. Or the computer beeps, indicating an incoming message or a new post on Facebook. And the list goes on and on and on … does that sound familiar to you, too?

Okay, let’s get back to work then. Focus.

A nicely and practically decorated work space is vital, in my opinion. You need inspiration. And the more beautiful and stylish your work tools are, the more appetite you will have to engage in deep concentration and dedication. What else? Light, of course. A home office flooded by natural light is the best. If the room is darker, you will definitely need the best desk lamp to work with.

I like a light colour scheme in my work space. It definitely broadens my horizons, my perspective. I simply can’t work among dark furniture, not to mention a dark room. Here I present you a few very well organized and – last but not least – pretty and stylish home work spaces.

I love those blown glass pendants from House Doctor.


A spacious table or desk is the key to success.


Yet, a smaller piece will do, especially if it looks like this one.


I love retro style in an office.


A minimalist interior in Oslo


Still love that Wishbone Chair


Pictures sourced from good old Pinterest.


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