Wall Art Displayed Beautifully

Are you a collector of wall art or art in general? I must admit I am, though my collection is still very very very far from what I can call a considerable amount of art pieces. But, give me time, give me time. 🙂

What I can boast with – and yes, I am proud -, is first of all my daughter’s drawings. When we first visited Denmark, we saw nearly all of it and that was the trip when I fell in love with lighthouses. My little one who was about nine years old back then, drew me a two pretty colour lighthouses, which were the source of inspiration when I decided to start collecting pictures. I mean real pictures, not reproductions. I like reproductions very much but as long as I have pics of my own, I’m fine. Unfortunately there’s not too much room for more.

My collection has become quite rich ever since: I inherited a nice photo from my Mom, a picture of a tiny bird in the huge hand of a man, an exciting fantasy drawing, a stunning boat and a geisha from my daughter, two photos of her and one reproduction of a pencil drawing by a Danish artist I chanced upon in Copenhagen, in 2016.

I am dreaming of having a huge collection of nice pieces, even a few sculptures, pretty art stuff which I can display in the different corners and wall sections of my home. If you also possess a considerable collection of pictures, family photos or art work, the simplest way to display them is a picture shelf, instead of pinning every single piece on the wall. I found this practical, pretty and not at all expensive photo display shelf at IKEA, they have white and black and two sizes. Perfect. I also like to place pictures on the floor or on top of a chest of drawers. So, it’s all up to you. Take a good look around in you home and you’ll be amazed how nice pictures will look next to your bed, leaned against the wall, placed on the heater (when it’s not “in service”). Let’s see a few cool examples:


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