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Useless Or Use Less? Read On

Hello again,
I love minimalist architecture. I love a minimalist home. I love minimalist style. I love a minimalist wardrobe. I love monochrome. I love to declutter. All in all, less is more for me. And I also love to reuse and minimize waste. To walk more. To bike more. I’m restless. And rest less. 😀

So, I’d better get to the point.

On Sunday mornings I like watching a few You Tube videos to help me wake up and I must admit I like to find inspiration there as well. This morning I was watching videos about prefab homes, tiny houses and minimalist living styles. This is how I discovered Signe’s beautiful black and white Danish home.

Dear Signe, hope you don’t mind me sharing your wonderful place here.

I realized we have soooo much in common, in terms of many aspects of life in general. I checked out her Instagram feed (you too check it out here), which navigated me to her website. I liked it a lot. It’s minimalist in style, but very rich in useful and practical ideas about lifestyle in general. Great job! Since I focus mainly on interiors, I am sharing a few pics of her home here. It’s a pity the nice rooms are not shown on her site. Nevertheless, you can see a video tour of her home here.

Pictures sourced from Use Less.


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Mother of a daughter, living in Norway, passionate about timeless Nordic design, architecture, interiors, gastronomy, travel, fashion and lifestyle. Amateur cyclist. This is my platform for a regular dose of inspiration and experience.


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