Urban Idyll In Ghent


after indulging ourselves in the dreamy Sörmland home of Joakim and Lina, let’s pay a visit again to continental Europe, namely Ghent in northwest Belgium.

A circle of friends have decided to embark on a very exciting project, converting an old school building into a housing estate. The result is nine apartments and a pleasant green area the good neighbours can share. Wim is an architect and one of the initiators of the project and he owns one of the apartments together with his wife and three children (one of them has long ago flown from the nest, but visiting quite often, because she loves to be around her family and is very fond of this home).

The use of natural and warm materials, such as plywood makes this space very welcoming, environment friendly and sustainable, not to mention the beautiful plants and cherished designer pieces. The entrance level is a more open space with kitchen and living room and the upper level is dedicated to the more intimate family rooms.

I only wish I could show more details of it, but I am afraid we have to be content with what we have. Let’s step inside.

Photography sourced from Elle Decoration Sweden.

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