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Tradition And Beauty From The 1600s


Please excuse my long absence, I have an explanation to that: the last few days have been very busy, packed with a lot of work to do, lots of errands to run, but also very happy moments, having the chance to take a few days off and spend them with the people I love most. So, here I am again, full of enthusiasm and ideas.

Leafing through hundreds of pages on good old Internet, hunting for interior design, architecture or – just simply – beauty inspiration, I chance upon so many uplifting homes and community areas, that it is extremely hard to decide which I like most, if I were in the position of decorating a home of my own.

This wonderful and welcoming house, that belongs to a Swedish couple, dates back to the 1600s. I think it is one of the best examples I have ever seen, when it comes to rejuvenating and remodeling an old building with exceptional character. When you embark on a project like that, you have to possess an excellent taste first of all. Then I think it is important to understand that an old house is an old house and it has got no use trying to modernize it beyond a certain extent, because you might completely ruin that magic those old walls have.

What I like about this interior is that the owners stayed true to the original Gustavian atmosphere and features (mind you, when it comes to Swedish Gustavian, it just gives me the thrills, I simply love it!!!!), yet they combined the lovely and beautifully renovated old pieces with modern ones, upholstered with natural, organic fabrics and the overall scheme is a perfect combination of exquisite French brocante and a fine and reserved Scandinavian style you can sense all the way, when you take the virtual tour of the rooms. Here I have to mention that the couple has spent several years in Västergötland, Skåne and – absolutely not surprisingly – France, before discovering this happy setting and deciding to stop looking for more. And they have made the right decision indeed …

Pictures sourced from Sköna Hem.


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Mother of a daughter, living in Norway, passionate about timeless Nordic design, architecture, interiors, gastronomy, travel, fashion and lifestyle. Amateur cyclist. This is my platform for a regular dose of inspiration and experience.


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