This Villa Has The Wow! Factor

Hej hej, after yesterday’s blog post let’s not hop back to the good old continent. I’d rather stay on the Scandinavian Peninsula and daydream about this extraordinary family home designed by the Swedish firm Skälsö Arkitekter.
A modern and mimimalist country home on the waterfront, featuring the best of interior design – hundred percent compatible with my taste, I must say :). The two shades of green on the outside are so dramatic, yet they blend so happily with the surrounding nature. Inside the house different shades of grey dominate the colour scheme, broken here and there with a few nude pieces to soften the overall effect. I trace quite a number of pieces from Ikea and a beautiful pendant above the dining table represents modern Danish design.

One of my favourite spots is the workspace with the simple and beautiful bespoke wooden desk. The house itself is a renovated version of a 19th century cottage and the major addition to it is the stunning living room area. It surely must be a real treat to live here with four children and in perfect symbiosis with nature.

Via Skälsö and Remodelista.


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