The Old Hungarian Bench

I’m sure this is going to take you by surprise and you’ll start wondering about how Hungarian relates to Nordic Home Et Cetera.

This morning I was reading the news online, like I do every single day, in bed, with my cup of coffee. Great way to kick off the day, eh? One of the articles raised my interest particularly. It was about the recently prized (it actually won nearly every possible prize given to architectural projects) work of a very talented Hungarian architect, József Őrfi. The project is a family home in the agglomeration zone of Budapest, Piliscsaba, a lovely small town at the base of the Pilis mountains, one of the most picturesque hiking places in the vicinity of our capital.

As I look at the pictures of this pared-back house, I can see Hungarian tradition, modernist touches on the outside and inside a blend of industrial chic and Nordic functionalism. A perfect, livable combination of old and new, old represented through the beautiful antique bench and carpet hanging above (perhaps that is the focal point of the home), in contrast to the brand new additions to the existing building, parts of which you can see on the first and the  third picture.

Only a little of the interior is presented, looks like the family likes to keep the rest to themselves. I can totally understand that. Let’s take the tour.

Wood, stone, glass and concrete are the main building materials.


The addition is a flawless continuation of the existing building.


Let’s go have coffee on the “porch”.


It’s obvious. Kids are living here.


My favourite spot. Looks like a coffee shop. I love the open plan style and the Ikea details.


Reclaimed wood shelves and panels add warmth and practically more insulation to the sleeping area.


The “bridge” that takes me to another world.


This solution is typical of Nordic architecture, it serves both as protection and aesthetic appearance.


How about a glass of wine?


Architecture: József Őrfi.

Beautiful pictures: Tamás Bujnovszky.

Via Építészfórum.

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