The Lovely, Spacious Home Of Lena And Trond


During the last two weeks I have been basically racing against time in every respect, hence my long and unforgivable absence here. And what makes things even more difficult, I experience plenty of interior design inspiration also in my daily work and I want to share at least some of what I sense around me. Nevertheless, when I have a little time to search for inspiration on the Internet, be it an interesting architectural project or a beautiful family home, I save the page for later use. This is how I chanced upon the inspiring Oslo home of a Norwegian actor couple. Lena and Trond remodeled their beautiful white Oslo home with the help of a talented interiors architect and the result is a spacious, light and inviting home with a unique atmosphere. I am a huge fan of Nordic films and was lucky enough to see a few with Trond Fausa and look forward to seeing more.

The shiny, endless white wooden floor flows gracefully around the space, providing an undisturbed connection between the functions.

The first unusual element I noticed is the way the books are positioned on the exciting open shelving system in the dining area. I must say I love books in a dining space and it looks like that is one of the most favourite corners of the couple. Every single room has a surprising element and such is the huge table and storage unit in the middle of the kitchen. I can only share the opinion that you don’t need an extra big kitchen to store your utensils and tableware. Instead, use open solutions to show a display of the best of what you have. It will make a statement, I can assure you.

The presence of a pianoforte always makes my heart beat faster, reminding me of my music school years. Maybe this is why I feel this home so close to my heart. Shall we take a look at it?

I love this poster with Marlon Brando

… and the iconic coffee table by Japanese American modernist designer and architect Isamu Noguchi

Photography: Inger Marie Grini.

Pictures sourced from Bo Bedre.

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