The Last Piece Of The Aalborg Project

Hmm … no cycling today either. The weather is so sad, it has been raining nearly all day long. Still, me and my good friend had a drive to a nice place and spent nearly the whole day outdoors, walking, eating and having – how many? – three coffees. And I am still sleepy! So, now I am back home and decided to spend the rest of the day lounging around, watching TV and surfing on the Internet a little bit. But before that I still owe you another – sadly the last – piece of our early-August adventures in and around Aalborg. On the last day of our journey we checked our budget and decided we could maybe squeeze in another daytrip by bus. Where to? To the seaside, of course! We picked Hals, a small village some thirty kilometers east of Aalborg. By the time we got there, we were starving so we popped into a local pub called Carl Frederik Restaurant og Grillbar, where we had nice and fresh fish with a glass of beer each. Then we headed directly to the harbour. Hope you’re not yet bored of boats. I love them very much and we encountered this amazing boat with Dutch crew, a replica of an 1820 German sailboat named Lübeck. The interesting fact is that we saw the boat a few hours earlier in the Limfjord in Aalborg when we were crossing the Limfjords Bridge, which was opened up for this very boat for crossing.

Okay, back to Hals Hou, as the Danes would say. It was a peaceful, sunny and warm afternoon, with a very light sea breeze. Everything was perfect for an afternoon nap on the velvety grass of the little park by the ferry. I wanted to lay there forever… We waited for the sunset, then took a walk in the village, where we saw a few really lovely gardens, you’ll see one in the pics The last time I saw so many hortensia flowers, was in 2008 in Brittany. They are not only decorative, but are grown to form hedges. Looks like this stunning plant enjoys living by the sea. Then took the bus back to the city and later in the evening started packing for our flight back to Budapest.

I must return some day to this magical place that has so much more to offer.


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