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The First Bear’s Garlic Pasta Plate Of The Season

Three weeks ago we had 13 degrees negative, then a week later the thermometer ran up in the opposite direction, stopping at nearly 15 degrees. Those days encouraged all plants and bugs and trees and everything out there to start budding and growing.

A few days later though … winter returned with another effort to freeze us, but this time no success whatsoever. We want spring! We want spring! And spring wins!

Every Monday I go to the grocer’s to fill up the fridge with the week’s cooking ingredients. The minute I noticed the beautiful, lush green bear’s garlic bunches on the counter, I immediately knew this week’s menu would be completely vegetarian (except for the dairy ingredients). I decided to start processing the bear’s garlic while it’s still fresh and crispy. The menu: Creamy-Cheesy Bear’s Garlic Pasta. Sounds good, huh?

This recipe is super fast and delicious.

What you’ll need for two portions:

About 250 g pasta (whatever type you like, I don’t think that’s the most important detail)

Half onion

One garlic clove

Oil to fry the onions

One bunch of bear’s garlic

100 g cream cheese

This is my empty plate waiting to be filled with something. Let’s see what’s cooking in the kitchen!

While the water boils, you have time to prepare the sauce.

For that, use a frying pan. Start with a little oil. Then add the onion. Chop the bear’s garlic into smaller pieces and add them to the onion together with the garlic. Use a lid and let the mixture simmer until it is soft and creamy. It takes no more than five to ten minutes.

Then add the cream cheese. BOCI is a very popular brand in my country. You get good quality for a reasonable price.

Stir it carefully until the sauce becomes homogenous and the cheese melts completely. Serve the sauce on top of the pasta or yo can as well mix them before serving. It’s up to you.

Mmmm, so delicious! And bear’s garlic boosts your immune system, it’s such a healthy thing to have after a long and dark winter. Try to add it to as many dishes as possible. See you soon.


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