The Endless Sandy Beach At Blokhus

Another weekend full of happy encounters, lots of inspiration and it’s not over yet!

I had a birthday party invitation from my very good friends for yesterday, but I couldn’t attend, since I was taking the ferry back from Denmark, where I was visiting my daughter. However, I can still go see my friends later today and have a brief after-party.

But before doing that I must share the beauty I have experienced this weekend so far. As I said, I spent some time in Aalborg and its neighbourhoods. Being lucky Denmark is so close and I have family there, I can hop over relatively often, if my schedule permits. Every time I am visiting, I make sure to visit the coastline, which is so different compared to the south of Norway. The weather was again quite unkind to us, like in December 2018 (back then it was pouring and if you don’t have the required outdoor clothing for a windy/rainy Nordic beach, be prepared to get soaking wet). This time it wasn’t pouring, but the amount of precipitation was enough to overwrite our plan to go on a long bike trip that day, so we had to drive again and decided to visit Blokhus, a very popular resort on the westcoast of Nordjylland. I have been to different beaches in various seasons all over Denmark and I must say they look amazing any time of year.

Blokhus is awaiting a huge number of visitors this year as well and a few of the people renting or owning the tiny white beach huts were already out there, enjoying the amazing views from the inside.

I had a hard time taking pictures, fighting the strong wind which almost tore the umbrella out of my hands and I had to protect my camera as well. Yet, I hope managed to capture the beautiful, moody afternoon colours of the beach. Here they are:


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