The Chinese Chair Series

Mid-century Nordic design contributed with several great innovators to the world of international design and architecture. Among them, a great favourite of mine is Hans Jørgensen Wegner Danish furniture designer. So let this be the first of a series of articles about some of the most beautiful (from my perspective) pieces created by my beloved Nordic designers. I think I can easily declare, that Hans J. Wegner was the master of chair design. So many stunning pieces, so comfortable, such elaborate work, textures, materials, fabrics.

Much to our regret, he died ten years ago. Still, had a very long, extremely productive life, leaving us at the age of 93, in Copenhagen.

The Chinese Chair Series was among his first popular pieces. Designed first in 1944, the series was inspired by a portrait of Danish merchants sitting in traditional Ming chairs. The first, produced by Fritz Hansen, is the closest to its source material: the back splat is sculpted into the arm rail, which terminates in a decorative curved finial:


A little info sourced by Wikipedia.

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