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The Beauty Of The Norwegian Coastline

Have I told you how much I love to cycle? I am not a racer. It’s just a hobby, but it makes me unbelievably happy. And last, but not least, it helps in losing weight, right?

I can say I am blessed, living by the southern Norwegian coastline. It’s so beautiful, that it takes my breath away every time I go for a walk or cycle in the neighbourhood or simply cycle to my workplace. Cycling makes it possible to live in the moment, to notice what’s beautiful, to see the details which you would probably miss if you were sitting in your comfy car, driving from A to B. I cycle for joy, health and happiness, nearly every day. Yet, on weekends I prefer to go on a longer tour along the coastline.

Last Saturday me and my good friends visited the playground of a popular campsite in Skottevik, a nearby village about 15 kilometers from where I live. The coastline in the area is so amazing, that I decided to return in the afternoon to see more of it and take a few pictures, too.

The entire circle was about 30 kilometers long, but it took a little longer than three hours, because I didn’t want to miss the best places. So I stopped nearly every ten minutes to admire the scenery and add a few new pics to my photo collection. Here they are:

The end of the Isefjærfjorden, one of the warmest fjords in the country and this summer is especially hot.

The gravel road to Høvåg




The sea at Skottevik – it was a very windy day, with powerful weather out on the sea.


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