The Beautiful Red House In Aalborg

The Beautiful Red House In Aalborg

Wouldn’t it be nice to know who are the creative people behind our favourite brands and what is their home like? Wouldn’t it be nice to see what they like, how they live and decorate their private space and what kind of dwelling they prefer? Sometimes we are lucky and can get a glimpse of it. Like in this case. Skagerak is one of the Scandinavian design brands I like most. I love the simplicity and functionality in their design and must admit I have a few items on my wishlist and I’ll make sure to acquire them as soon as I can.The other reason why I am really happy to see a few snapshots from this house is that it is in Aalborg, a city so close to my heart and it is a beautiful and exquisite red house for a family of four: the owners of Skagerak and their two children.This amazing villa was built in 1928 and the couple decided to renovate it, with special attention to preserving the original features, such as the radiators, the marble details and beautiful details like the wooden cassette ceiling, something one does not encounter very often.

The interiors are decorated with stylish pieces from Skagerak’s range and popular designer pieces. The green marble appears once again in the kitchen, in the form of a beautifully crafted worktop. The space is light, airy and the carefully selected materials make it very cozy and welcoming. Not to mention the wide door frames, window frames and wooden panels. And so many more …

Let’s have a look.

Photography sourced from Skagerak.

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