The Beautiful Home Of Pella Hedeby

Good evening. Before taking the next step within the Aalborg Project (there is more left, hope you’re not bored of it), let’s pay a virtual visit to one of the most stylish family homes I’ve presented here. Pella Hedeby Swedish stylist and blogger is one of my favourites. As a look at pictures of her projects, I can see she likes monochrome style very much. And she likes grey. I’m fond of grey, too. And why not pick monochrome? It’s one of the best choices in terms of calm, serene homes and good backgrounds. Monochrome interiors allow a little splash of colour here and there, that’s what makes them personal, out-of-the-ordinary and those little individual splashes reflect the personality and taste of the owner. Let’s have a look.

Did anything in particular raise your interest? I love the natural accents throughout the house. They add that special character to the interior. And again my favourites the wishbone chairs. And the linen in the bedroom. Details in the kitchen. The photo collection in the bathroom. Practically everything.

Pics via Elle Decoration.

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