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Happy weekend to you. It`s early Sunday afternoon and

I was planning to be way more productive on the blog this week,

Is there a better way to shop distinguished Nordic and international

After an incredibly long summer break (I had a wonderful

Ever since I reached adulthood, I have known myself as

Rörsjöstaden is one of the best residential areas of Malmö

Julie Alise is a good friend of mine and despite her very young age

When remodeling or renovating a home,

Although Scandi chic has been a beloved trend also in interior design

Wouldn’t it be nice to know who are the creative people behind our f

If you are into simple  and relaxing living spaces,

looks like I am unable to return to my beloved Nordic

Another weekend full of happy encounters,

perhaps I should have headed right back to North from Belgium,


after indulging ourselves in the dreamy Sörmland

When I was looking for the perfect country style Scandinavian

If you are a regular reader of my posts, you will probably

Scandinavian style in interior design has most probably been very popular f

One of the latest works of my favourite Finnish styist Susanna Vento

Most probably you have long given up on reading more posts about the

Kaja Møller is the lady at the helm of Danish Fredericia Furniture and I

Thorleif Jensen was an Oslo born Norwegian modernist architect

During the last two weeks I have been basically racing against time in every respect,

Last summer was my very first summer in Norway

It’s not easy at all to keep to my plan in terms of interior design trends

After taking virtual tours in several richly decorated homes,

Speaking of Scandinavian design trends – and resuming the series

I have been an avid follower of everything happening on Finnish stylist Susanna Vento’s page and I think

I can’t help it, I must stick around in Sweden for a little while. There is so much to discover,

Birkastan is an indeed colourful area of Stockholm, west of Vasastan. It is the place where so many nations

A while ago I started a blog post series (well, only the first of a series) about the different styles

Södermalm is one of the best areas of Stockholm and as such, it has so much to offer.

I know, I have been absent for too long now. I had my reasons though …
It’s a chilly, but beautiful morning and here I am,

It is always super exciting to write about architectural projects, especially the ones that have been implemented

If I want to describe my personal taste in interior design, it would sound something like modern Scandinavian with a touch of bohemian.



Do you ever dream of getting as far away as possible from the hustle and bustle of everyday life or have complete privacy at least for a couple of days?

When it comes to industrial interiors, the first things I picture in my mind are greys, blacks, steel, iron, exposed brick walls,

I have decided to put an end to my series about alpine and wintery interiors and lodges, because

Sundbyberg is a friendly town north of Stockholm and it is also the home of a Swedish actress Petra Mede.

Winter is defnitely on in so many places around the northern hemisphere, so let us indulge ourselves

I hope those of you, who already dream of balmy summer nights, will not throw stones at me for

Well, hello again and hope you can forgive me for jumping off the track I promised to follow for the


wish I had the imagination, drawing and 3D vision skills of an architect.

I love winter and I do love snow. You see, I was born in an alpine area

It’s here at last! Christmas is here.
As the year was coming to an end and …

How are you doing today, only three days before Christmas? Yayyyy!


How about taking the virtual trip of a home this time on the other side of the globe?

Looks like Frederiksberg is one of the best

Hei hei,

After a fantastic weekend in Denmark,

Hope you are having a lovely weather …

I picture Sunday late afternoon.

When both members of a couple

It’s still autumn so …

When you think of Norway, …

Townhouses in Scandinavian cities …

I can’t tell you enough how much …

Gothenburg is one of the most beautiful

Autumn is the most wonderful season

Hello there,
How’s the weather like …

When it comes to hiding or

Earlier this week I took a walk in town

I have been preoccupied with so many

Wow, what an October!

The home of Maria Appeldorn Sjö

I could eat fish and seafood till the end of time.

It’s October, lantern time!

Leafing through hundreds of pages on good …

Hei, how is the weather like over there?

The more I cycle or drive along the Norwegian coastline, …

Let’s talk about mixing and matching

I have been a huge fan of interior design

Small living spaces can be so charming

This fall IKEA is launching

No wonder this lovely apartment

How is your Sunday morning routine like?

I love modular furniture, …

I think it is a real blessing when

I think it’s time to drop …

Does the name Indre Ulvøya ring a bell to you?

Autumn is my favourite season when

Wow! I am speechless. Just a few weeks ago

I haven’t been cycling for days now and …

I was just about to show you

I’m afraid I have bad news with regard to

Conversion projects are always exciting

Hey there,
You have most probably noticed

Wow! House Doctor is my favourite

Cycling along the Norwegian coastline

Have I told you how much I love to cycle?

One of the main ingredients for

Still talking about summer,

Having a summer house by the water …

What’s your favourite corner in your home?

I have been following talented interior designer

Hey there,
I have no more excuses now.

I’ve always loved a home with spirit. …

Gothenburg-based design concept store

Oh, I am so happy to see another work by …

The weather in southern Norway has been …

Summer is definitely on here and it’s hot hot hot,

Reinventing Ikea kitchen cabinets is very trendy

Mandal, the pretty little town on the southern coast …

Speaking of studio apartments – nearly two weeks ago …

Last Sunday I was really lucky to be offered a …

The iconic Spanish Chair designed by …

Here in Norway we are right in the middle of

Living in a studio apartment in the middle of a city

This apartment most probably found its new owner

Please excuse my long absence on NHeC. I can explain.

Open-plan? Definitely!

It’s Monday. I look out the window and …

I’ve been so eager to tell you more about

One of the reasons I’m more into minimalist spaces …

We had such a wonderful weather during the past weekend, …

Last week the harbour of pretty Kristiansand …

Being surrounded by lots of beautiful plants is a real treat.

If you feel like spending your summer vacation or …

Living off the grid is always a challenge…

It’s Sunday late afternoon, i.e. it’s time to chill out a little bit, …

Looking at these sunny pictures, one might think, that …

This is such a sleepy day! The air is so fresh and crispy over here, …

All fjords in Norway are beautiful, large or small, …

I think I’ve had my share of travelling during …

Ikea is releasing the new “Industriell” collection, …

The hyggeligt weekend in Northern Denmark …

There is something ethereal about white homes.

This weekend is a real indulgence in every respect and the bright, …

Happy Easter everyone!

I have always admired the way Artilleriet present …

The basic tone is white, then comes the …

Every time I find an industrial loft, ….

Nordkraft is the cultural, sports and leisure melting pot

Yummmm … Three weeks ago we had 13 degrees negative,

I love minimalist architecture. I love …

Speaking of Hans Wegner’s fantastic design,

Hej! I discovered this fresh and modern apartment

Leafing through the Russian Rindes Architects page, …

A tiny, Scandi-inspired, black&white space

I was always fascinated by Susanna Vento’s work

Christmas is gone, winter is over at last, spring has arrived

Yesterday we were dreaming away in a wonderful

Well, hello again. I must admit I was getting a little tired of winter.

Wow! I’ve never encountered anything like this.

Speaking of calm, reserved and neutral,

This year, Danish House Doctor has come up with

I do love homes with character.

Brrrrrrr, it’s so cold out there! The Ice Age is here again and

Just thinking out loud here.

Working from home is – I think – a true blessing.


I am really fond of black and white photography,

Hurrrrray! I look out the window and it’s snowing again.

Once upon a time, far in the Scottish countryside,

The modernist period after WWII has left us an abundance of

As I told you yesterday, I am really enjoying our winter here

During the past few years I have noticed changes

I think the motto of this house could be:

Regular readers of Nordic Home Et Cetera will most probably

When it comes to settling down, marrying, …

I am particularly fond of this home, because it reminds me of …

Hello Monday.

When I sat down to write a new article, …

Gotland has been on my bucket list for years now.

How many times have I told you I loved white or neutral homes?

Vrångsholmen is a stunning old estate used as a venue for …

Far away from the hustle and bustle of big city life,

I know nothing about farming and keeping sheep.

I always envied the Swedes for having so much snow,

Looks like interior decoration pieces made of brass are holding strong

Greta Garbo, one of the greatest divas of the 20th century …

Not very far from Oslo, there is a stunning family house …

The American educational reformer Horace Mann said:

They say Finland is the land of a thousand lakes.

Finnish homes are like Finnish nature.

I finished the old year with a blog post of a beautiful restaurant hotel

I already wished you all a very happy new year yesterday,

The CHECK range from Danish interior brand

Is it really possible to define new colours?

Industrial spaces are slowly but surely becoming first-priority dream homes

Hello again.
On this second day of Christmas I am sitting at my desk …

Details from my living room.

Merry Christmas.
Perhaps I should have conveyed my holiday wishes earlier,

Most probably I’ve said too many times, that’d be ready to move into …

It’s been quite a long time since I have last made my appearance here.

Hello again. One of Ikea’s magazines featured an inviting rustic home,

I have been absent for quite a long time here and …

There is nothing more beautiful, …

Last winter passed almost without a trace of snow.

I think I already mentioned how much I love small spaces …

Hello again. For quite a long time, I have been a great fan of clean lines, …

I love the way Danish House Doctor has been composing …

Hello again. Let’s kick off the week with something typically Scandinavian.

This morning he woke me up again a little after 5 am.

After a quite huge detour, let’s head back to the Scandinavian Peninsula.

Winter is on the doorstep and if you’re thinking of spending the night out

I’m sure this is going to take you by surprise …

During the last few weeks we have had plenty of stories and …

Swedish Actor Andreas Wilson’s home …

All right, I know, I know, you hate cold and you hate thinking of

I enjoy surfing the Internet for really outstanding places, news, people, …

Tina Seidenfaden Busck’s stunning home in Copenhagen

Years ago I used to have a six-gear city bike,

It’s time to jump back to Sweden and go on with the best moments …

How are you on this dark and gloomy November day?

Have I ever told you I was mad about modern tiny architecture?

Fresh air is something you will definitely have in the beautiful home of …

It’s so interesting that I was just planning to go on with …

Hope you don’t mind me saying this on a gloomy day, …

Only a few minutes ago I posted this cool Scandinavian kitchen …

After a quite long break (please don’t be angry with me, I took a few days off …

November … time to wear warm, loose and cosy pieces for work.

Good evening. I am not beating around the bush. I could move into this apartment…

Tiny houses are gaining ground more than ever. We’re downsizing,…

Speaking of the Faroe Islands, the most peculiar residential building project …

When I started Nordic Home Et Cetera, I had this bold vision

Back to Stockholm …

The historic Nobis Hotel building, erected in 1903, was originally the home …

I must say he’s one of my favourites.

Hej hej, after yesterday’s blog post let’s not hop back to the good old continent.

Hello. This time I am going to give you a series, kind of a retrospective,

Time to light the candles and …

Who says every house or home must be renovated?

What a lovely Saturday morning! As a matter of fact I must work today, but

This year’s festive season is going to be simply amazing!

Arne Emil Jacobsen, one of the greatest representatives of functional architecture,

Hello there. The Netherlands is a real treasure cove.

The 54-piece brand new Ypperlig collection,

Small, light and airy pieces of furniture are always welcome in interior design.

Have I shown you anything from Norway yet? I think not,

Hello again. Quite a gloomy autumn afternoon here. I am thinking of a comfy place,

Exaly 172 years ago, on this very day was born Wilhelm Bartelmann,

Hello there, how was your day? Mine actually quite dull, except for the few hours …

Good evening. I think this is the home that deserves not just a few lines, but

Yesterday morning I made a promise on my Facebook page:

Speaking of snuggling  and cuddling …

One of the first chairs designed by Hans J Wegner for …

Snuggling time!

Look what I found today: an amazing apartment in Spain.

Hello there. I’ve missing you very much.

Good morning to you. I am so eager to share with you this fantastic gem …

This is a nice September afternoon, so I think I should dedicate some time again …

Autumn is definitely on here and it’s time to think about the plants

I am being constantly drawn back to Aalborg and have realized that …

Hello. I’ve got some really nice pics to share with you today.

Brrrr… The weather is really really ugly today, it’s a gloomy September afternoon,

What a nice way to kick off the week! …

Those of you who are regular visitors/readers of NHeC, will remember …

Hello again. After a short, but wonderful break let’s get back to work again.

After a fairy tale travel back in time, let’s jump back to present day.

Two days ago I had the pleasure of sharing with you  …

The trendy colours of 2017 have opened new perspectives …

Let’s take the next flight this time to Gothenburg …

I must admit the weather forecaster was right again.

Hello again. Yesterday I made a promise to you, when I posted the photo of this yummy recipe …

On this occasion I am inviting you to take a tour of the home of …

Summer is definitely over here and sooner or later we must think about …

Hello again. Before getting into the details about why I love this book,

Happy Monday everyone! New week, new ideas and inspiration and lots of

Hmm … no cycling today either. The weather is so sad, it has been raining nearly all day long.

The combination of lush ethnic and cool Scandinavian …

Good evening. Before taking the next step …

Living by the water or close to it is usually not very complicated in Sweden.

Hello again. After a not very good night’s sleep here I am again …

Thank God it’s Saturday and this weekend is going to be amazing in so many ways.

Hello again. How’s your day? Still on vacation, lounging around in some nice Mediterranean location

Let’s take a short break from Denmark now and fly to Iceland

Hej, hej! It’s been ten days since we’ve returned from Denmark,

Hello again.
Before getting on with the “Aalborg Project”, I thought I’d share with you this amazing apartment

Last week was a real treat. I haven’t had the chance for a real week-long vacation for I don’t know how long

Hope you’re having a good day.
I promise I won’t keep you waiting too long before I share

I think I’ve found the simplest piece of furniture of all times.

Hello there, how are you on this sunny Monday morning?
I feel guilty for neglecting you the entire last week!

Halla Bára Gestsdóttir and Gunnar Sverrisson, co-founders/owners of Home & Delicious

Words are unnecessary …

Hello again. Hope everything is good over there. I woke up to another hot hot hot summer morning …

Unlike most women, I am not a great shopper. I mean, …

What a nice, balmy Sunday evening we have here. Sitting on the terrace and sipping a glass of fine wine

So, where were we? Oh yes, in yesterday’s blog post I promised to tell you about

Hello again. It’s been long days since you last heard of me. My apologies! The only explanation

Long long years ago I had this bad habit. Okay, I had many bad habits but this one…


Time is flying so fast! One day you’re preparing sandwiches for your kid …

Are you a collector of wall art or art in general? I must admit I am,

Mid-century Nordic design contributed with several great innovators to the world of international design …

Good morning, sunshine! What a beautiful day!

Look what I stumbled across earlier today:

I think I can declare that there’s no Swedish meal without fish or some other water creature.

Hello again. I intend to start a series of short, yet interesting blog articles about my favourite coffee table books.

Wow, what an idyllic place to spend the summer or winter vacation.

I’m not sure if I can call it a blessing or a curse, but I am a great mover.

Like I said in my first blog post, it all started in Iceland. Ever since we got back from there,

2006. Those eight days I spent there in June outlined the path I have been following ever since.

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