Sunshine And Neutrals In A Swedish Home

Good evening.

I am not beating around the bush. I could move into this apartment right away. It is exactly how I would imagine my everyday life. Waking up in that bed, having my morning coffee in that comfy corner with cushions and lambskins, enjoying the sunlight streaming in all day long. Beautiful home, full of light, positive energy, perfectly selected furniture and decoration items. And last but not least, I traced numerous pieces from my favourite brand, pretty little things and useful pieces that make life happier. All my favourite shades are present in this family home: whites, greys, nudes, pastels, natural details and I particularly love the flawless way some of the rooms are connected. Even though there are doors and thresholds between, the beautiful natural Swedish floor brings everything literally on the same page. Let’s take the tour. By the way, it’s in Sweden.

Pretty, isn’t it? Hope you liked it, too. If you wish to steal the look, this is where you can find some of the items: bedroom bedside lampgrey lamp, ceramic bowl on the dinner table, spacious desk, black wall lamp, grey desk lamp, a similar nomad rug.

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