Sleepy Little Town In The Limfjord

Hej, hej! It’s been ten days since we’ve returned from Denmark, but every time I think of our journey, I can still smell the fresh air, the sea breeze and can’t help thinking about all the wonderful things we’ve experienced during those unforgettable six days.
So, here’s the second episode of the “Aalborg Project”, with special focus on Nibe and the Western part of the Limfjord which – as I mentioned earlier – is the passage between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea.
Our trip to Nibe was originally planned to be a half-day program, but we managed to get lost (again) on the way there. Nevertheless, getting lost in beautiful, fairy-tale places is never bad. We cycled through lovely villages, saw hundreds of pretty summer cottages, farms with horses, fought the strong Jutland wind and finally got to Nibe in the afternoon hours. Such a lovely, sleepy little town, with short streets, inviting cafes and shops offering everything one usually needs. In the harbour we discovered the best ice cream shop and I had the most amazing lavender ice cream, yummy! Later on had a nice moussaka as a late lunch at Mettes Mad & Kager, a pretty family-owned café-restaurant in the town centre. They have a tasty menu every single day and it’s not a problem if you don’t drop in during the lunch hours, they are just as pleased to serve you five minutes before closing time! Please be prepared to see a load of boat pictures. I can’t help, I love boats. And harbours. And the wide open sea. I’m sure you do, too.

Nice place to spend the day, don’t you think? And the good news is that we made it back to Aalborg in one and a half hour! I had the best of navigators.

To be continued …

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