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Hello again,

I was planning to be way more productive on the blog this week, but the truth is, being on vacation makes it hard to get down to work and spend hours in a row at my desk when the sun is smiling at me invitingly and there is plenty of stuff to do in and around the house, not to mention the leisure and pleasure part of a one-week holiday.
Although, the good side of me being quiet again for a while is that I have been collecting lots and lots of fantastic inspiration and experience during these past days and I cannot wait to share it with you. I have seen lovely homes, read lots of great articles, spent quite a lot of time watching very interesting stuff on TV, discovering new You Tube channels (new to me), all this in addition to cooking plenty of yummy food, enjoying great hikes, bike rides and road trips by car with my dearest.

This week was all about exploring more our wider neighbourhood, which leaves me speechless every single time we see more of it. This country has so much to offer. Yet, I don’t wish to spoil the enjoyment by revealing more details, because I need a bit more time to organize and edit the pictures I have taken.

Until then let’s take a sneak peak into this Canadian home and office space. The property is what we call a belt plot in my mother tongue. It is a Victorian townhouse in Montreal, literally squeezed between two other houses, thus embodying an immense challenge for its architect owners. The original intent was to do a facelift, but they most probably got carried away and didn’t stop before remodeling the entire building. The result is a much lighter, therefore seemingly more generous intimate space, accessorized with an office where clients are welcome.

The interior is characterized by Scandinavian simplicity and functionality. Blonde wood and many details sourced from Nordic brands in combination with exquisite designer pieces play their role together so well. Let’s have a look.

I think the Sinnerlig cork and metal stool designed by Ilse Crawford for Ikea years ago is an item one can probably trace in almost every home around the world. Sadly the entire family is discontinued.

Elegant open shelving units from String

A few In between dining chairs from & Tradition decorate the kitchen/dining area.

The two Wassily lounge chairs are the perfect match for the comfy sofa and the retro style TV stand.

Simple and functional Scandi office space with the Alex storage unit from Ikea.

I traced a few Scandi elements in the bedroom as well: The mirror comes from Ikea, the lamp is a portable piece from Norm architects and the pretty cushion is from Hay.

Pictures sourced from Michael Godmer, but first seen on Remodelista.

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