Scandi Chic In Australia

Although Scandi chic has been a beloved trend also in interior design in Australia over the past few years, I don’t recall having shown any interiors or projects from this wonderful corner of the world.

So it is just about time that I went off the beaten track and hop (a huge one) over to the mysterious continent Australia. During the last couple of weeks I have found soooo much inspiration for my blog that I am totally unable to decide what to choose for tonight or where to pick up the threads once again.

Me and my partner are in the middle of a moving process and we look forward to unboxing, organizing and decorating our brand new home. We opted for modern Scandinavian bohemian chic which, I think, is a very good basis, resulting in a home that oozes a cozy, relaxed atmosphere with personal accents and a reserved, monochrome colour scheme in the background.

Being on a constant hunt for interior design ideas, I discovered this inspiring website called Dot+Pop and there was this light-flooded, spacious and welcoming family home, a bungalow typical to the area on the outside, but unmistakably Scandinavian inside. The project is a 2018 story and it is the home of the people behind Norsu, an interior design store specialized in Scandinavian style.

The basic colour scheme is a light monochrome, with pops of pastel rose which goes hand in hand with the beautiful brass details here and there. Soft, feminine touches and an overall calm and charm is dominant throughout the interiors. Let’s take a closer look.

Photography sourced from Dot+Pop.

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