Scandi Accents In A Bedford Farmhouse


looks like I am unable to return to my beloved Nordic countries. I keep discovering a hidden gem here and there and this time I have been redirected to the United States, New York state, home of so many beautiful houses, alongside neighbouring Connecticut, Massachusetts and Vermont.

We are in Bedford, in a beautiful family weekend house, that has been owned by the same people for thirty years now. Originally it was a farmhouse, but it has undergone a considerable metamorphosis and today it is the beloved getaway place for the entire family.

A fine mixture of modern farmhouse style, mid-century modernism and reserved, yet very elegant Scandinavian details characterize the interior. The use of colours, textures, fabrics and exquisite pieces proves that the owners are not only blessed with a very good taste, but they also prefer to enjoy their choice for a very long time. Let’s step inside.

Beautiful weatherboard house.

The hallway is welcoming, sunny and has an elegant Scandinavian style table.

A mix of modernist and Scandinavian dominates the elegant living room.

The coffee table is from IKEA. The Persian rug is my favourite piece.

A comfy lounge chair is awaiting a reader.

The green marble table worktop is the most beautiful element of the bespoke kitchen and it will probably last a lifetime.

Typical American vertical sliding windows. A beautiful combination.

The reading alcove must be the most beloved corner of the house.

Photography: Amanda Kirkpatrick.

Photos sourced from Remodelista.

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