Rent It, Buy It – The Residence In Copenhagen

Is there a better way to shop distinguished Nordic and international art and design from the last over one century than from a place you can actually inhabit, even if for only a couple of days? Allow me to expand on this a little bit.

But before I do that (can’t wait), I just want to greet you on my page again, after an excessively long break I took from blogging. The reason? All sorts of things. Being busy, changes in my life, moving, more work, focus on other things, and so forth. Nevertheless, my passion for all the great things I have been writing about on these pages is still unchanged, even more intense – I may say – and has become an organic part of my everyday life. The other day I was browsing through my Instagram account and a comment about an earlier post popped up:

“Came from your blog! Great posts! :)”

What can I say to that? Thank you! It’s a heavenly sign, time to get down to business again!

On this note, let’s talk a bit about this extraordinary place. Three years ago I showed you Danish gallery owner Tina Seidenfaden Busck’s amazing home in Copenhagen. She also owns The Residence, a truly unique art and design gallery and a place for rent at the same time. Yes, you can book it when visiting the Danish capital and the perks of the “package” is that you can purchase just about anything you fall in love with during your stay.

It is a most exciting interior, I would say a time capsule, taking you on a ride full of adventure in the world of classic, 20th century and contemporary art and design. A fantastic mix and match of colours, styles, textures, materials, happy combinations that here and there evoke the lovely Svenskt Tenn. Taking the virtual tour of the space, I feel like at home and every corner looks so familiar. It is a space where you can entertain, work and relax at the same time, in the company of iconic pieces. Let’s have a look.

The Snoopy lamp, designed in 1967 by Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni or the iconic three legged stool by Alvar Aalto, just to name a few.

The multifunctional living room, with the sizeable table in the focal point, designed by Belgian duo/couple Muller van Severen.

Comfy mid-century Italian dining chairs

My favourite piece in the apartment is the beautiful Swedish wool rug from the 1950s.

It’s okay to mix and match styles and textures. And books are always welcome, they make you feel at home.

A beautiful Berber tribal rug decorates the kitchenette.

It must be nice to have a morning coffee here.

Both bedrooms feature English wallpapers and vintage quilts.

First seen on Remodelista.

Pictures sourced from The Apartment.

Have a lovely day.

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