Pretty Loft – I Love It!

Time is flying so fast! One day you’re preparing sandwiches for your kid before heading off to the kindergarten, the next day she is graduating from high school and you’re standing there, shedding tears for everything gone, everything good, the eighteen years gone and first of all because you must let go of her. She is going to start a new life, most probably somewhere else. But that’s the way life happens, right? 🙂

So, thinking of what her future home will look like, I found this lovely loft on the net this morning, not knowing whose apartment it is or what the intent was with it. Turns out it’s a loft especially styled for IKEA (Ikea Livet Hemma), excellent work done by Anna Cardell and photographed by Andrea Papini. Being a fan of Ikea myself, I traced several familiar pieces. All in all, this is one perfect version of interior I can imagine for a young person who embarks on a journey called adult life. Let’s see.


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