Pared-Back Minimalism In Belgium

I have decided to put an end to my series about alpine and wintery interiors and lodges, because Queen Winter has been very kind to us here so far and I am absolutely not in the mood of focusing on the coldest season of the year anymore, especially since I even cycled today, yayyyy! I feel the spring vibe already, even though I know winter might still be around the corner in the near future.
So here is one more last, nevertheless soooooo beautiful house. It is not in the Nordics and not an alpine or a winter lodge either. The only thing this house has in common with the others in this series, is snow, winter and a serene, functional space typical of so many beautiful Scandinavian interiors. But it’s an amazing Winter Wonderland. It’s a grand 17th century manor house in the Flemish countryside and when you look at the first picture, it is so easy to imagine yourself being teleported to those times (maybe not so hard times for the people living in it). It was not always of this size. It grew gradually with the passing of the decades and centuries in a way that the entire space has stayed very harmonious and one organic building.

The house is owned by the founding partners of an architecture firm and they live there with their two children. One level is dedicated to the parents and on the top floor there is a studio. The use of exquisite building materials both outside and inside make this manor house very elegant, but in a modest way. Inside we find lots of space, bright and laid-back rooms and an overall serene atmosphere characterizes the building. Shall we step inside?

Photography sourced from Buyse Seghers Architecten.

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