Öström – A Cultural Melting Pot

When I started Nordic Home Et Cetera, I had this bold vision that I would surely have enough time to cover everything about the Nordics and all the Nordics, with no exception. But it looks like a lifetime is too short for that mission. What I can promise, is that I will do my best to add more and more areas and topics to this site, with the primary focus on personal experience and quality writes. Please keep your fingers crossed for me.

Getting to Iceland is not a very big deal today, especially now that there are plenty of direct connections between Budapest and Reykjavik. But getting to Faroe Islands – which has also been a dream for a very very long time – is practically impossible, at least in one day. Perhaps it will always be a dream …

Still, good old Internet has a lot of fun and interesting facts to offer and Faroese topics are not an exception either. I was so curious about what people in Tórshavn, the sleepy little capital of these stunning islands, are doing for fun. I know, I know, there are lots of cool bars and restaurants, Nordic cuisine is extremely good and healthy and they offer plenty of delicacies to be discovered by foodies, but I wanted to know a little bit more about cultural life, so I started digging and I chanced upon Öström, more precisely Fabrikkin Hjá Öström.

A cultural facilitator, cool industrial style showcase for Faroese Design (just look out for Blue Fashion Challenge), a venue for cultural events, exhibitions and many more. If you are lucky enough to visit Tórshavn either by sea or air, don’t miss Öström.

Via Visit Tórshavn.

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