On The Move Again

I’m not sure if I can call it a blessing or a curse, but I am a great mover. Never liked to stick around one place for a very long time. My very first home was a home for nearly eighteen years. That was my family’s first apartment, the place I grew up and saw last before switching not only to a new place but a new country! My life consisted of constant change ever since. College years came, then I met the father of my child and together we moved around quite many times. And I am still keeping to this habit of mine, though I intend to slow down a little bit. People say one cannot find a permanent place as long as there is no peace in the soul. I agree, a part of that must be totally true. Still, what about the wandering souls, the people who are always keen on finding new experience, new places to live, new people to meet and – in my case – new apartments or houses to decorate as well? That is definitely an obsession I have been having for long-long years now.

In my recent blog post, I presented my little Nordic house on the hill. I enjoyed that project and loved that home very much for quite a long time – three and a half years, gosh, that’s a long period from my perspective! -, until I realized there was nearly nothing more to do with it. I mean, I cleaned the garden (surely you remember the picture about the dilapidated state it was in when I first checked it out), completed the first renovation phase both inside and out then after a calm year I did it once again, adding a tiny hall and covering the terrace. Then it was over. Lawn mowing every two weeks in the warm seasons, tidying up 30 sqm once a week. That was it. I was in desperate need of a new place. It didn’t take very long time for the first potential buyer to show up and by the time I realized what was happening, I already sold the house. Luckily I found this new place with an abundance of space to decorate and start everything all over again. Fact is, I left nearly all the furniture in the other house. If you enjoy remodeling, renovating and redecorating, I’m sure you’ll understand the excitement that accompanied my moving in. So, here I am, in another apartment decorated the Nordic way. I love the simple, pared-back and functional character of the Scandinavian and, more generally, Nordic lifestyle. Let’s see a few details:

Living room 1

Living room 2A

Work desk

Hanne Östarvik book


Hemma Hos Melker Pa Landet

Countertop styling



Berlioz cat

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