On The Bike Again

Last summer was my very first summer in Norway and I remember I was hypnotized by the beauty of this country and especially the southern coastline I can now call my home.

It was an unusually hot summer that lasted very long, followed by an equally mild and dry autumn, more than perfect for discovering the neighbourhood on my beloved two wheels. Yet, I am not in the least finished with exploring the area and I have been really looking forward to higher temperatures, although I like to cycle also in wintertime, moreover, I enjoy it very much.

My timetable has been quite busy lately, which made it nearly impossible to cycle on weekdays, so last Saturday’s ride was quite long and “officially” the first one this spring. As usual, I picked one of my favourite destinations, Skottevik, though this time with a small detour through a nice forest, to see how my bike “behaved” on gravel roads. I enjoyed it immensely and ended up in the same secluded bay, not far from the camping. As you can see on the pictures, the weather was windy, but fantastic and after a short rest and a few tangerines on the pier, I headed back home, happy as always.

See you soon.

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