Old Meets New In Östermalm


Happy Monday everyone! New week, new ideas and inspiration and lots of enthusiasm to last seven days. Well, I’m not beating about the bush for too long, let me invite you to a virtual tour of this splendid home I chanced upon this morning on the site of a Swedish realtor. OMG, what an interior! The house is situated in one of the best areas of Stockholm, Östermalm and it has these beautiful, historic rooms, original details, old fireplaces and know not what else. Old and new, historic and modern design meets in such a harmonious and elegant way. I don’t even know what to highlight more. The glamorous pendant in the dining room is one of the most beautiful pieces I’ve ever seen. I love the original fireplaces, the simple, yet so elegant marble surfaces throughout the place. They add a sense of calmness, purity to this home. Still, the eclectic living room is the focal point of this apartment, with exotic and glamour accents. Note the lovely designer pieces, too. Let me show you around.

How about a nice cup of coffee on this pretty balcony? Could you live in this home? I definitely could and would enjoy its atmosphere.

Pics via Per Jansson.

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