October In Stockholm – Episode 2

Hello again. Another weekend with quite bad weather unfortunately. Is there no way to turn this around and have rain and wind on workdays?? Anyway, let’s look at the bright side of things. and go back again to Stockholm, for another episode of our 2013 trip. Remember Episode 1?

That weekend was a real treat in every respect, especially in terms of weather. Woke up to an amazing second morning and decided to spend the day again in the inner city and focus on Djurgården, home of the Vasa Museum, the Nordiska Museet with its stunning facade, the open-air museum, the zoo, the amusement park and the ABBA Museum. Nostalgia tram No 7, a lovely means of public transportation, took us to the island. We enjoyed the trip very much, the itinerary being one of the prettiest parts of the city. Mind you, is there anything not pretty about Stockholm?

Episode 3: Sandhamn in the Swedish Archipelago.

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