Norway And Japan Meet In A Tranquil Home

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Most probably you have long given up on reading more posts about the different Nordic interior design trends I promised to show here by means of typical interiors. Well, the good news is that I am keeping to my promises, the only reason I have been silent in this area is that I just didn’t get around writing lately. Spring is here and there is so much to do in and around the house and although I am spending my one-week vacation now, it seems there is a lot of room for improvement when it comes to time management. But this is vacation time now, a good excuse for chilling, taking it easy and lounge around a little bit. Like the couple living in this fabulous “slow-living” space in Bergen.

Philip and Eva are architects, with an office in Bergen and one of their projects is their lean, pared-back house, a perfect example of minimalist style. They share a passion for Scandinavian functionalism and Japanese aesthetics, a simple and unrestrained way of displaying beautiful objects. The presence of wood (birch inside-outside) all over the space, the relaxing tatami room, the organic rug and the vintage leather sofa softens the severeness of blacks, whites and concrete. Let’s take a closer look.

I love the artsy details.

A sleek, minimal kitchen, just the way I like.

Photography: Niklas Hart.

Photographs sourced from Bo Bedre.

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