My First Nordic Home

Hello again,

Like I said in my first blog post, it all started in Iceland. Ever since we got back from there, I have been dreaming of the wild Nordic nature, returning one day to that beautiful land but it didn’t happen so far. Which means, it is still on my bucket list. Nevertheless, I consider myself lucky, seeing most of Denmark and lovely places in Sweden, several times actually. And it put the bug in my ear. Seeing the lovely houses up there, I decided I wanted a house of my own. A house that looked at least a little bit like Nordic houses.

A few years ago I chanced upon this house. It was in a terrible state. I had to rebuild it nearly from scratch. So I told myself why not do it the Scandi way? I particularly love those pretty little Swedish faluröd houses with white windows.

My little house went through several phases before it became the house of my dreams. First I had it restored to its original condition which of course had nothing to do with the Nordic line. Then me and my daughter spent some time in it and after a year or so, we embarked on a more serious project: we made a little addition to the terrace, built a nice cover structure and painted all of it in white. It was an excting DIY project and it also included colouring the main walls on the outside. The result was this red and white Swedish style cottage. Below you can see a few “before and after” pictures. I chose monochrome, because this story belongs to the past. Welcome to my very own first Nordic home!



Room detail

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