Modern And Airy In Sweden

What a lovely Saturday morning! As a matter of fact I must work today, but these few hours will fly away so fast and then my long weekend kicks off. Having a dozen of plans on my pocket: cooking, watching movies, cycling, tidying up a bit (not too much though), spending as much time outdoors as possible. October has treated us with a fantastic, balmy, warm weather so far.
Hope I was able to get you in the Christmas mood with my previous blog post. Nevertheless, let’s not talk about Christmas yet. Autumn is so lovely and I still want to spend time enjoying it, every bit of it.

Don’t know why, but this pretty apartment makes me think of the fall season. No trace of browns, reds, oranges, yet the presence of warm textiles, numerous lamb skins and less plants on the balcony definitely are a sign of temperatures gradually dropping out there.

Could you imagine living here? I definitely could, being a huge fan of light, generous, but invitingly comfy interiors. And loved the marble effect wall, too.

Via Fantastic Frank.

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