Lovely Swedish Flat Packed With My Favourite Pieces

How many times have I told you I loved white or neutral homes? Not enough times, I’m afraid.

And have I told you how much I love small spaces? Ha-ha.

Making the most of small spaces requires a good deal of imagination and wit. Putting in all the necessary things without squeezing too much into a small space is absolutely vital. One of the best ideas in such cases is to use light colours, neutral shades and possibly easy, yet well built pieces of furniture. A small, 38 sqm home like this one is perfectly enough for two people and it has all the things I would probably need to feel comfy. I love the overall clean, calm and relaxing colour scheme, must say the Söderhamn sofa from Ikea is one of my beloved pieces (wonder why I didn’t choose that one when remodeling my current home. Of course, that doesn’t mean I regret having the Stockholm 3-seater in my living room. It’s a gorgeous piece!).

Okay, enough of too much talking, let’s see it:

And now let me show you the details I love most: the grey table lamp is pure simplicity, the planter surely draws attention with its shiny look and I love to have a hot coffee from those hand-warming light grey mugs.

Let’s snuggle!

Pictures sourced from Bjurfors.

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