Let The Light Shine Bright

Birkastan is an indeed colourful area of Stockholm, west of Vasastan. It is the place where so many nations meet when it comes to dining out, the hub of international gastronomy and also the zen home of Parissa Keyssas.

Taking the virtual tour of this apartment in the beautiful, early 2oth century townhouse, I sense an unbelievably relaxing harmony throughout the interiors. The mistress of this fine apartment is a huge fan of feng shui and she is truly faithful to the teachings of this thousand-year old philosophy, saying it is vital to let the positive energy flow through the space in an undisturbed way. This is exactly one of the reasons why she had the wall separating the kitchen from the living room removed.

The entire home is beautifully composed, the white round Ikea dining table is in perfect harmony with Hans J Wegner’s iconic wishbone chairs, forming together the perfect setting for the still life on the table top.

I love the beautiful parquet floor in the living-dining area, which is the heart of the home, the place for inner peace and calm. Comfy seating is assured by a very reserved, yet stylish sofa from Posh Living and the marble-topped coffee tables are sourced from Bolia.

The lovely tiny Buddha figure makes sure that everything is in place for a genuinely calm and pared-back lifestyle. Let’s take the tour.

A peaceful spot in the middle of a pulsating city

Monochrome wall art decorates one of the walls in the living room area.

The peaceful and functional bedroom. Love it.

Photography: Karin Johansson. Photos sourced from Sköna Hem.

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