Kinfolk’s Office In Copenhagen


welcome back.

If you are a regular reader of my posts, you will probably remember the relaxed home of the Norwegian architect couple I posted only a few days ago (or was it weeks???).

My intention is to keep the “Scandinavia meets Japan” spirit going, by showing you this time a very different space, namely the Copenhagen offices of my beloved lifestyle magazine Kinfolk. It is a quarterly magazine originating from Portland, USA. I love its style and I like to savour it for months, because it offers so much to read and my favourites are always the interviews with artists, designers or celebrities, but I am always curious about the interior they dedicate several pages to.

Norm Architecs (known so well for their minimalist and functional projects, just think of the Gjøvik House with its warm tones or one of their restoration projects, a beautiful villa in Copenhagen, not to mention the K-House, a relaxed holiday resort in Sri Lanka, for the lovers of slow living) is the architect firm behind the office and gallery space designed and built for Kinfolk Magazine in Copenhagen and you probably new about that long ago. Perhaps I am one of the last persons to find that out, but I like to say better late than never, right?

And even if you have already seen it before or maybe was lucky enough to pay a visit, you will once again want to scroll down and take the virtual tour of this elegant, yet very informal work space again. Welcome.

Photography sourced from Norm Architects and Bo Bedre.

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