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Just Like In Viking Times

Wow! I’ve never encountered anything like this. During these past years I’ve seen maybe hundreds of homes, interiors, reclaimed estates and all kinds of architectural miracles and old barns as well. But the one I chanced upon this morning really stands out of the crowd.

Nordic Home Et Cetera is about the Nordics, but you might have noticed that every now and then the “protagonist” of an article is an interior or “project” whose location is far from the Nordics (remember this lovely Hungarian architect’s home?), yet, it absolutely fits into the scheme, having Scandinavian or Nordic features.

Such is the present example. In the title I say “Just like in Viking Times”. That’s because the history of this fantastic barn in Germany is very much the same as that of Vikings’ abodes or dwellings: people and their cattle lived under the same roof for centuries in a row.

The location is the stunning lake region north of Berlin and architect Thomas Kröger and team TKA are the proud restoration project owners.

The project remained faithful to the atmosphere of the 140-year-old brick and timber barn: it is ultramodern and minimalist today as well. Additions were made to strengthen the building, but all in all, it evokes the old times. Note the three archways, they make the boundary between indoors and outdoors disappear. Let’s take the tour.

Pictures sourced from Remodelista, Rote Scheune. Photography: Thomas Heimann.

Enjoy the weekend.


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