In Perfect Union With Nature

Have I ever told you I was mad about modern tiny architecture or tiny architecture in general? Perhaps not enough times. If you are also a fan of the topic, one thing I can promise: that you’ll hear from me quite often with regard to it. Downsizing and/or creating a small home in a natural environment is nowadays becoming more and more popular and, let’s admit, more important among people of all ages. The reasons can vary between having limited budget or being a huge fan of nature to the extent that one wants to actually live out there, or simply because we realize that we must be grateful for the share of nature we have and must not take or want more. Let’s spend less time indoors and more in the outdoors.

Speaking of the great outdoors, Iceland is always a very good example. I just found this amazing home in the vicinity of the volcano Hekla. The project was completed by Reykjavik-based architects Studio Granda. It’s an amazing 64 sqm dwelling hidden practically under one the many dunes that form the landscape. Let the pics speak for me.

Via Studio Granda.

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