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How About An Escapade To The Norwegian Mountains?

Yesterday we were dreaming away in a wonderful Hamptons beach house, but today my mind wandered back to my favourite Nordics, this time to Norway.

Estonia-based KOKO Architects embarked on a bold project when they designed these fantastic hikers’ and mountaineers’ lodges in Soddatjørn, Norway. The client was the Stavanger Trekking Association and the interesting establishment or group of minimalist black boxes works in a very peculiar way: because it is not at all easy to get there, it is basically the “job” of the visitors to make sure they clean up after themselves and provide enough food and firewood for the next guests. Water can be taken from the lake and there is no mains electricity supply. This is the so-called self-catering lodge. It’s an extremely good and perfectly working initiative.

The main materials used to build the lodges are zinc, glass and wood. Zinc is an extremely durable metal that works for decades without any special treatment. I think you understand why glass is important. Just think of the surrounding nature. Fantastic! Let’s see how it looks like both outside and inside, in daytime and night time.

Shall we take that refreshing shower now?

When night falls …

Wow, I need someone to sponsor a trip for me right away! Anyone volunteering? 🙂

Fantastic photography made by Marius Dalseg (check out NOW his Instagram feed) and sourced from KOKO.


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