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Home Alone vs In A Community

Just thinking out loud here.
With regard to office-type working environments, I think we all go through the same stages in our lives. We leave the classroom, university or college lecture rooms and then – sooner or later – we end up working in an office, surrounded by colleagues. We do it for a couple of years, yet slowly, but surely the idea of getting out of there and being on our own in a calm, relaxed place, sneaks into our mind and leaves us restless as long long as we finally take the radical step and create a work space solely of our own. And we’re so so so happy with it.

Time goes by and it turns out that working from home and being alone nearly all the time (except for the hours when the entire family is at home and the kids’ laughter fill the entire space and the noise drives you crazy, as a contrast to the zen atmosphere you’ve created for yourself when you were alone during “office hours”) makes you a little depressed and longing for some company.

I think that in such cases a co-working space could be the best choice. I googled the Internet for ideas and I found a few great examples of really cool offices and co-working options in Europe. Many of the pictures in this selection were taken in the Nordics. Let’s see them.

Aarhus Arkitekterne

Ørestad Gymnasium, Copenhagen

DTU Skylab – Juul Frost Arkitekter

The Danish House in Paris

LEGO Offices – Play while you work

MENU Space – Design by Norm Architects

MENU Space – Design by Norm Architects

Nørrebro co-working space Nomad Workspace, Copenhagen

PLH Arkitekter, Copenhagen

The Startup Orgy in Amsterdam

Überlin Coworking Space and Photo Studio


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