Funkis And Classic – A Happy Encounter

It’s not easy at all to keep to my plan in terms of interior design trends in the Nordic countries, because I am always diverted by something I must share right away with you. But I don’t mind and hope you don’t mind either.

I was about to show you a lovely chalet in one of Norway’s best ski resorts, but the source website just gave in, so I couldn’t even save the pictures, let alone read the details about the house. Next time.

Nevertheless, I am really glad I chanced upon this fantastic family home. It is a classic style villa from the 1920s, located in Nockeby, in the western part of Stockholm, not far from Drottningholm. The area is very pleasant and peaceful, I was lucky enough to spend a short vacation there three years ago.

A lovely family of four live here, Anna Lenskog, her husband and their two daughters. Anna is co-owner of communications agency Futurniture, but she is also creating content and pictures for the Ikea livet hemma blog.

Although, as you step inside, you will be a little surprised, for you will experience a very delicate and careful mix of funkis and classic. If you ask me, funkis is one of the best and most practical trends in interior design. I didn’t want to dedicate a separate post for this topic (maybe a should, after all … why not?!). It emerged basically together with modernism, maybe a bit later – we’re talking about the thirties here – and as the name indicates, it is all about functionalism, with focus on the practical and absolutely essential. No more, no less. Full stop. That’s why I like it. The reason I like it more than I prefer minimalism, is that you can personalize it. Like the owners of this elegant home did. My favourite piece is the beautiful dining table. A classic, timeless piece that works so well with modern elements. And oh, that lovely parquet floor …  Let the pictures speak for me.

Photography sourced from Elle Decoration Sweden.

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