From Hirtshals To Kristiansand – Apr 3, 2018

Hello again.

The hyggeligt weekend in Northern Denmark is sadly over and it is time to get down to work again. So, the next phase of my early spring tour in the Nordics is getting from Northern Denmark to Southern Norway. The best and most beautiful and relaxing way to do this is to take the superspeed ferry from Hirtshals to Kristiansand. Hirtshals is small town nearly at the tip of Denmark, famous for its abundant fishing waters.

The journey took a little more than three hours. The weather was absolutely perfect for a two-hour sunbathing on the lower deck, with clear blue sky and a calm sea, with nothing at all to disturb a smooth crossing to the “most Viking” of lands. After the white, sandy beaches and endless farmlands of Jutland I could trace the contours of the rocky coastline of Southern Norway on the horizon.

to be continued

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