Fantasy World In Sörmland

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When I was looking for the perfect country style Scandinavian interior to show here on the blog, as another interior design trend in the Nordics, I had a picture in my mind. Or rather two pictures: one of a whitewashed Swedish country house with interiors painted white, cozy benches, old and reclaimed family heirlooms, pretty flower bouquets in old porcelain jugs, perhaps a cat sleeping peacefully on the windowsill or a Norwegian mountain hut with beautiful handcrafted pinewood furniture, oil lamps, sheepskin and fire crackling.

Instead, I chanced upon this fairy tale-like place, a typisk Sörmlandsk timmerhus, a log house in Sörmland county, south-west of Stockholm. For owners Joakim and Lina, it was a real labour of love. The house was in a dilapidated condition, but they saw the potential in it. This house was waiting for them. I can only admire the fantastic job they have done, both having a full-time occupation, living in a shed on the property and freezing during the winter months. The result is worth the effort. Through the amazing double door you step into a world of fantasy, inspired by C.S. Lewis’s The Chronicles of Narnia. Both blessed with incredible imagination and amazing skills in handcrafting, they sourced, renovated and tailored to their taste every piece themselves and they happily admit they know the place of every single nail in the house. Three happy children have been born since they were finished with the project and the closet in the bedroom is waiting to be opened up to take these happy kids on a neverending journey full of adventure and magic …

The garden and the main entrance already envision something very exciting.

Every detail in this house is “delicious”!

Beautiful, inviting rustic still life on the old table.

They made everything themselves. To the last tiny piece, like the beautifully carved rail details.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this were Scheherezade’s bed from One Thousand And One Nights.

Beautiful old bed with carved details and the “supernatural” cat. Yes, cats are supernatural.

… and the famous closet. Something magical is bound to happen …

A rococo style boudoir with antique pieces, marble, candlelight and champagne.

Photography sourced from Sköna Hem.

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