Dottír Restaurant And Bar In Berlin

Hello there. I’ve missing you very much. The fact is I had to have my computer fixed because of some liquid I accidentally poured on the keyboard a few weeks ago and slowly but surely it started working strangely. It still does, sadly, so most likely I will have to give it away for a major repair work some time later. Not really looking forward to that, as a matter of fact …

But, here I am again and this time I treat you with something really out of the common.

Nordic restaurants are very popular in Western Europe and the US. One of them is Dottír in Berlin, a really special place. Special, primarily due to its design: Nordic minimalism and simplicity against the old walls of this house that once belonged to a Jewish merchant. To all this, vintage furniture and lighting characteristic to the 1930s was added. The original parquet was left untouched. Altogether it has a very interesting and inviting atmosphere. My favourite detail is the bar and the huge mirror behind. Dottír means daughter in Icelandic and guests can enjoy the culinary deligths of chef Victoria Eliasdóttir, who – after some time spent in the US, working with her brother artist Olafur Eliasson – embarked on this project with German restaurateurs Boris Radcun and Stefan Landwehr. Let’s see it.

Via Dottír and Remodelista.

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