Danish Classics In A Swiss Alpine Chalet

Hei hei,
I hope those of you, who already dream of balmy summer nights, will not throw stones at me for saying this, but I do love a winter with lots of snow. I was born in a mountainous area (did I ever mention that?) and every winter we used to have lots of snowfall. But here in the south of Norway we are affected by the atlantic drifts brought by the Gulf Stream and this winter has been too mild so far, locals say even milder than usual. That makes me happy on the one hand, because I might actually have the chance to hop on the bike and continue discovering nice spots in the area, but I do miss deep snow, nice walks in a fairy tale-like forest, lots of candlelight in the evening and a cosy fire. So for the moment I must be content with the situation and dream away about winter by means of leafing through interior magazines or browse the Internet for some nice inspiration.

This is how I chanced upon another great wintery place to share with you here, as a sequence to the winter cabin series I have been posting earlier this week.

It is a modernized rustic B&B chalet in Vals, a spa town in the Swiss Alps (thinking about a nice dip in a warm pool now), owned by a Swiss-Danish couple which explains the presence of a few 1940 classics by Finn Juhl in one of the community areas and also contemporary Danish interior design accessories all over the chalet. After an extremely destructive fire the owners still saw potential in the building and restored it completely, painting the outside walls an elegant dark grey with white window frames.

The interiors are welcoming and cosy with inviting corners, lots of wood and hotel guests are always served healthy, homey food on traditional Royal Copenhagen tableware.

Shall we book a room?

Photography sourced from Brücke 49.

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