Coffee, Wine, Cheese And Nadia’s Sandwiches

Thank God it’s Saturday and this weekend is going to be amazing in so many ways. Firstly, my daughter is going to bake something delicious today (shhh, it’s a secret), then we’ll make use of the cooler evening hours and hop on our bikes for a good ride and tomorrow’s the day for lounging around and filling up our batteries for the next week.

But, before that, let’s talk about Aalborg again . This lovely city has so much more to offer beyond its beautiful and treasure box-like old town, the comfy outskirts, lovely Nordic villas, stunning nature, the fjord and the seas.

This time the focus is on coffee, wine, dining and bike rental. 🙂 You probably wonder how bike rental relates to food and drink, but never mind. It’s all about great places, exquisite service and smiles.

I love coffee and tend to drink one even when I don’t need it, it’s kind of a ritual I’ve built into my daily routine for decades. Still, I should give up on that, too much of it is never good.

Visiting another country always involves trying out new coffees and wines and food and everything possible (we had a severe budget though). Espresso House in Aalborg is a fantastic place. It’s a franchise, so don’t be sad, you’ll find it most probably in every large Scandinavian city. They serve great coffee, the staff is friendly and interiors are sort of eclectic but designed with good taste.

Let’s go to the next level. Whenever you’re in Aalborg town, get off your bike and try out one of Nadia’s fantastic sandwiches, bagels or salads here. I had an amazing salmon bagel with fresh veggies and extra virgin olive oil. Yummy!

In between we had a few frozen pizzas and other simple meals until the last day, a fantastic sunny, bit windy Friday afternoon. We took the ferry to Egholm, a small island facing Aalborg city. If you’re ever in need of real privacy, want to unwind a bit and like to listen to birds chirping, this is the right place to go. The island is inhabited by farmers, families with little children, vast fields with agricultural plants and it hosts this wonderful restaurant Kronborg. Got there in the worst possible hour: we managed to interrupt the staff lunch during their three-hour break between lunch and dinner time. We were told to wait a little more and we would be served drinks. Laying on the thick grass in the warm sunshine is not a bad thing at all and a little after 5 pm we were served the coolest white wine, a delicious cheese platter and brownie with vanilla ice cream. An evening I’ll never forget.

Oh, I almost forgot. Don’t miss out Munks’s Bike Rental service. It’s not easy to rent bikes in Aalborg, the city management has terminated the city bike service, but Munk’s staff is always there to help you out with nice city bikes to rent.

Join me next time in next episode of the Aalborg Project: Hals and its pretty harbour.

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