Celsiusgatan 3, Kungsholmen

Hello again.
Before getting on with the “Aalborg Project”, I thought I’d share this amazing apartment for sale in Stockholm I found minutes ago. Gosh, I love the colour trends of 2017. Grey is still one of the best leading background hues. Why not? It helps accentuate everything else. And that is so good! Just add a little brass or gold to this beautiful neutral shade and the result will be so elegant and timeless.
I think I could go on for hours speaking about the beauty and elegance of this apartment, the marble bathroom, the golden accents, designer pieces both large and small – I want that wishbone chair -, that old wood floor, fireplace and every original detail, but let the pictures speak for me.

My stomach says it’s lunchtime so I think we’ll check out this nice restaurant on the Danube riverside not very far from our place. So, you too enjoy your family and Sunday lunch. Be back soon with more.

Via Nestor.

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