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Another weekend full of happy encounters,

Last summer was my very first summer in Norway

Hei hei,

After a fantastic weekend in Denmark,

It’s still autumn so …

When you think of Norway, …

Hello there,
How’s the weather like …

Wow, what an October!

I could eat fish and seafood till the end of time.

Hei, how is the weather like over there?

The more I cycle or drive along the Norwegian coastline, …

I think it is a real blessing when

Does the name Indre Ulvøya ring a bell to you?

I haven’t been cycling for days now and …

Cycling along the Norwegian coastline

Have I told you how much I love to cycle?

Mandal, the pretty little town on the southern coast …

Last Sunday I was really lucky to be offered a …

Please excuse my long absence on NHeC. I can explain.

I’ve been so eager to tell you more about

Last week the harbour of pretty Kristiansand …

Being surrounded by lots of beautiful plants is a real treat.

Looking at these sunny pictures, one might think, that …

All fjords in Norway are beautiful, large or small, …

The hyggeligt weekend in Northern Denmark …

This weekend is a real indulgence in every respect and the bright, …

Happy Easter everyone!

Yummmm … Three weeks ago we had 13 degrees negative,

A tiny, Scandi-inspired, black&white space

Yesterday we were dreaming away in a wonderful

Once upon a time, far in the Scottish countryside,

Gotland has been on my bucket list for years now.

I finished the old year with a blog post of a beautiful restaurant hotel

I already wished you all a very happy new year yesterday,

Winter is on the doorstep and if you’re thinking of spending the night out

It’s time to jump back to Sweden and go on with the best moments …

When I started Nordic Home Et Cetera, I had this bold vision

Back to Stockholm …

Hello. This time I am going to give you a series, kind of a retrospective,

Hello there, how was your day? Mine actually quite dull, except for the few hours …

Yesterday morning I made a promise on my Facebook page:

Hello there. I’ve missing you very much.

Brrrr… The weather is really really ugly today, it’s a gloomy September afternoon,

Hello again. Yesterday I made a promise to you, when I posted the photo of this yummy recipe …

Hmm … no cycling today either. The weather is so sad, it has been raining nearly all day long.

Thank God it’s Saturday and this weekend is going to be amazing in so many ways.

Hej, hej! It’s been ten days since we’ve returned from Denmark,

Last week was a real treat. I haven’t had the chance for a real week-long vacation for I don’t know how long

Words are unnecessary …

So, where were we? Oh yes, in yesterday’s blog post I promised to tell you about

Hello again. It’s been long days since you last heard of me. My apologies! The only explanation

I think I can declare that there’s no Swedish meal without fish or some other water creature.

2006. Those eight days I spent there in June outlined the path I have been following ever since.

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