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Happy weekend to you. It`s early Sunday afternoon and

I was planning to be way more productive on the blog this week,

Is there a better way to shop distinguished Nordic and international

If you are into simple  and relaxing living spaces,

If you are a regular reader of my posts, you will probably

Kaja Møller is the lady at the helm of Danish Fredericia Furniture and I

Thorleif Jensen was an Oslo born Norwegian modernist architect

After taking virtual tours in several richly decorated homes,

Speaking of Scandinavian design trends – and resuming the series

It is always super exciting to write about architectural projects, especially the ones that have been implemented

Do you ever dream of getting as far away as possible from the hustle and bustle of everyday life or have complete privacy at least for a couple of days?

I have decided to put an end to my series about alpine and wintery interiors and lodges, because

Winter is defnitely on in so many places around the northern hemisphere, so let us indulge ourselves

I hope those of you, who already dream of balmy summer nights, will not throw stones at me for


wish I had the imagination, drawing and 3D vision skills of an architect.

I love winter and I do love snow. You see, I was born in an alpine area

Earlier this week I took a walk in town

I have been preoccupied with so many

I have been a huge fan of interior design

I love modular furniture, …

I think it is a real blessing when

Wow! House Doctor is my favourite

What’s your favourite corner in your home?

Oh, I am so happy to see another work by …

Reinventing Ikea kitchen cabinets is very trendy

The iconic Spanish Chair designed by …

I’ve been so eager to tell you more about

Living off the grid is always a challenge…

Ikea is releasing the new “Industriell” collection, …

Nordkraft is the cultural, sports and leisure melting pot

Speaking of Hans Wegner’s fantastic design,

I was always fascinated by Susanna Vento’s work

Yesterday we were dreaming away in a wonderful

Wow! I’ve never encountered anything like this.

This year, Danish House Doctor has come up with

Brrrrrrr, it’s so cold out there! The Ice Age is here again and

The modernist period after WWII has left us an abundance of

As I told you yesterday, I am really enjoying our winter here

I think the motto of this house could be:

Regular readers of Nordic Home Et Cetera will most probably

Looks like interior decoration pieces made of brass are holding strong

Not very far from Oslo, there is a stunning family house …

Is it really possible to define new colours?

There is nothing more beautiful, …

Last winter passed almost without a trace of snow.

I’m sure this is going to take you by surprise …

How are you on this dark and gloomy November day?

Have I ever told you I was mad about modern tiny architecture?

Hope you don’t mind me saying this on a gloomy day, …

Tiny houses are gaining ground more than ever. We’re downsizing,…

Speaking of the Faroe Islands, the most peculiar residential building project …

Arne Emil Jacobsen, one of the greatest representatives of functional architecture,

The 54-piece brand new Ypperlig collection,

Small, light and airy pieces of furniture are always welcome in interior design.

Exaly 172 years ago, on this very day was born Wilhelm Bartelmann,

One of the first chairs designed by Hans J Wegner for …

I am being constantly drawn back to Aalborg and have realized that …

After a fairy tale travel back in time, let’s jump back to present day.

The trendy colours of 2017 have opened new perspectives …

I think I’ve found the simplest piece of furniture of all times.

What a nice, balmy Sunday evening we have here. Sitting on the terrace and sipping a glass of fine wine

Time is flying so fast! One day you’re preparing sandwiches for your kid …

Mid-century Nordic design contributed with several great innovators to the world of international design …

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