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Ever since I reached adulthood, I have known myself as

One of the latest works of my favourite Finnish styist Susanna Vento

I know, I have been absent for too long now. I had my reasons though …
It’s a chilly, but beautiful morning and here I am,

If I want to describe my personal taste in interior design, it would sound something like modern Scandinavian with a touch of bohemian.



It’s here at last! Christmas is here.
As the year was coming to an end and …

How are you doing today, only three days before Christmas? Yayyyy!

I picture Sunday late afternoon.

It’s still autumn so …

I could eat fish and seafood till the end of time.

It’s October, lantern time!

Let’s talk about mixing and matching

This fall IKEA is launching

How is your Sunday morning routine like?

I think it is a real blessing when

Does the name Indre Ulvøya ring a bell to you?

Autumn is my favourite season when

I haven’t been cycling for days now and …

I was just about to show you

Hey there,
You have most probably noticed

Cycling along the Norwegian coastline

Have I told you how much I love to cycle?

What’s your favourite corner in your home?

Gothenburg-based design concept store

Living in a studio apartment in the middle of a city

I’ve been so eager to tell you more about

Being surrounded by lots of beautiful plants is a real treat.

If you feel like spending your summer vacation or …

Living off the grid is always a challenge…

All fjords in Norway are beautiful, large or small, …

Happy Easter everyone!

I have always admired the way Artilleriet present …

Nordkraft is the cultural, sports and leisure melting pot

I was always fascinated by Susanna Vento’s work

Christmas is gone, winter is over at last, spring has arrived

Just thinking out loud here.

Working from home is – I think – a true blessing.


Hurrrrray! I look out the window and it’s snowing again.

Once upon a time, far in the Scottish countryside,

During the past few years I have noticed changes

Vrångsholmen is a stunning old estate used as a venue for …

Far away from the hustle and bustle of big city life,

I know nothing about farming and keeping sheep.

Greta Garbo, one of the greatest divas of the 20th century …

The American educational reformer Horace Mann said:

They say Finland is the land of a thousand lakes.

The CHECK range from Danish interior brand

Merry Christmas.
Perhaps I should have conveyed my holiday wishes earlier,

I have been absent for quite a long time here and …

Hello again. For quite a long time, I have been a great fan of clean lines, …

I love the way Danish House Doctor has been composing …

This morning he woke me up again a little after 5 am.

All right, I know, I know, you hate cold and you hate thinking of

Tina Seidenfaden Busck’s stunning home in Copenhagen

Years ago I used to have a six-gear city bike,

It’s so interesting that I was just planning to go on with …

November … time to wear warm, loose and cosy pieces for work.

When I started Nordic Home Et Cetera, I had this bold vision

The historic Nobis Hotel building, erected in 1903, was originally the home …

Hello. This time I am going to give you a series, kind of a retrospective,

Time to light the candles and …

This year’s festive season is going to be simply amazing!

Hello there. The Netherlands is a real treasure cove.

Exaly 172 years ago, on this very day was born Wilhelm Bartelmann,

Hello there, how was your day? Mine actually quite dull, except for the few hours …

Speaking of snuggling  and cuddling …

Snuggling time!

Hello there. I’ve missing you very much.

This is a nice September afternoon, so I think I should dedicate some time again …

Autumn is definitely on here and it’s time to think about the plants

Hello. I’ve got some really nice pics to share with you today.

Brrrr… The weather is really really ugly today, it’s a gloomy September afternoon,

The trendy colours of 2017 have opened new perspectives …

On this occasion I am inviting you to take a tour of the home of …

Summer is definitely over here and sooner or later we must think about …

Hello again. Before getting into the details about why I love this book,

Last week was a real treat. I haven’t had the chance for a real week-long vacation for I don’t know how long

Words are unnecessary …

Unlike most women, I am not a great shopper. I mean, …

What a nice, balmy Sunday evening we have here. Sitting on the terrace and sipping a glass of fine wine

So, where were we? Oh yes, in yesterday’s blog post I promised to tell you about

Hello again. It’s been long days since you last heard of me. My apologies! The only explanation

Long long years ago I had this bad habit. Okay, I had many bad habits but this one…


Time is flying so fast! One day you’re preparing sandwiches for your kid …

Are you a collector of wall art or art in general? I must admit I am,

Hello again. I intend to start a series of short, yet interesting blog articles about my favourite coffee table books.

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