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Brekkestø – A Historical Outport


How is the weather like over there? Here we are having a bright and wonderful Sunday morning. I was actually thinking of spending a few hours outdoors today, but I’ll do that a bit later, when the morning chill is over.

As I have promised in the most recent post, today I am inviting you to continue this virtual trip with me further into the island of Justøya. It is a relatively small island, yet, of great importance, when it comes to farms and sailing and pirates. Here’s the explanation:

The only settlement on the island is Brekkestø and most of the area is used as farmland. In the 17th century, when pirate ships in the Skagerrak endangered the safety of farms on the sourthern coastline of Norway, there had to be a harbour to protect these farms and settlements. Brekkestø was the most important outport in those times. Many ships sailing from or in the direction of the Baltic, had to stop for a while and wait until the weather conditions improved, the ice melted, to continue their long journey on the wild waters.

In the second half of the 19th century the harbour usually was so busy, that it required the opening of shops, hotels, apartments and duty stations in the small port.

Brekkestø was a source of inspiration for artists as well: Kristian Krohg, a Norwegian naturalist painter, illustrator and journalist, Nils Kjær, a Norwegian playwright, author of the Brekkestøbreve (Brekkestø letters) and Gabriel Scott, a Norwegian novelist, poet, playwright and children’s book author.

Today it is a peaceful little village, though very popular in the summer months, when it is practically invaded by tourists. But as soon as the balmy summer days are over, the small shops and artisan product sellers close their doors for the entire autumn, winter and spring season.  Let’s see the pics.

Facts and figures partly sourced from Wikipedia.


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